Contacts Application

What is the Contacts tab? 

The Contacts tab is where you add, group, manage and delete contact information. Contacts supports drag-and-drop so you can quickly move contacts to groups. You can also address messages to one or more contacts from within the Contacts pane. The Contacts tab is divided into three panes: groups, contacts list, and contact details. 



How do I add a contact? 

You can add contacts from the Contacts tab or directly from your email. 

To add a contact in the Contacts tab: 

1. Click Contacts from the sidebar. 

2. Select Create from the top toolbar. 

3. Fill in the contact information in the blank contact card that appears in the details pane. 

4. Click Save

To add a contact from your email: 

1. Select an email from the person that you would like to add. 

2. In the email details, click on the email address in the header. 

3. From the options, select Add to address book

add a contact

4. The email will be automatically added to your address book. 

Once the contact is created, you can display the contact and then click the Groups tab to assign the contact to one or more groups. Toggle on the groups where you want to add this contact. All contacts belong to the Contacts group by default, but they can be added to as many other groups as you’d like. 



How do I select multiple contacts? 

1. Access the contact list. 

2. Click the Select button at the top of the contact list. 

3. Use the checkbox that appears beside each contact to select or unselect. 

Note: The contact details pane does not display information for multiple selections. 

4. Move the contacts into a group for future use, or select Compose from the sidebar to start an email to the selected contacts. 


How do I search for contacts? 

The basic search located at the top of the contact list uses display name, email, first name, last name and all fields. If you want to do an advanced search, 

1. Click Contacts

2. Select Search from the toolbar. 

3. In the Advanced search pop-up, complete as many fields as you can to narrow your search. Advanced search will allow you to search by any of the contact card fields and any information entered in the search will remain if you need to change between the tabs. 

search for contacts

4. Click Search and the contacts that match your search criteria display in the Contacts list pane. 


Using groups in Contacts 

How do I create a group? 

Groups are an excellent way to create a list of commonly emailed contacts for quick access and easy addressing. The Groups list displays alphabetically, and contacts can be added to multiple groups at once. 

1. At the top of the Groups pane, click the three vertical dots icon to access the menu. 


2. Select Add group

3. In the pop-up, type the name of the new group in the text field. 

4. Click Save

How do I add one or more contacts to a group? 

You can add contacts to a group by displaying the contact, and then selecting the group to which you want to assign the contact, or you can select one or more contacts and drag the contacts to the group. 

● Dragging a contact from one group to another will result in a copy being placed in the new group. 

● You can drag the same contact to multiple groups. 

● You can drag multiple contacts at the same time. 

To add one or more contacts to a group: 

1. Access the Contacts list. 

2. Click Select and select the contacts that you would like to add to a group. 

3. Drag and drop the contacts onto the group or click More and Assign to group. 

How do I remove contacts from a group? 

Note: A contact cannot be removed from the Contacts group. 

1. From the Groups list, click the group that you want to edit. 

2. Click Select and choose the contacts that you want to remove from the contact list. 

3. Select More. 

4. Choose Remove from group. 

How do I rename or delete a group? 

1. Locate the group in Contacts. 

2. Click the menu button (three vertical dots at the top of the Groups menu). 

3. Select Rename group or Delete group

4. If renaming a group, enter the new name and select Save. The new name will appear in the groups list in alphabetical order. 

5. If deleting the group, select Delete in the pop-up confirmation window that appears. 


Can I import contacts? 

Webmail allows you to import a list of contacts from another mail application that is in vCard or CSV format. 

1. Go to Contacts

2. Click Import in the toolbar at the top. 

3. In the Import contacts pop- up window, click Choose file and select to the vCard or CSV file that you want to upload. 

4. Select the Open button. 

5. Choose the group that will contain the new contacts from the Import group assignments drop-down list. If you don't select this option, the contacts will be imported into the Contacts group only. 

6. Select if you want to Replace your entire address book with this import. 

7. Click Import.

 8. Once you get the confirmation, close the Import contacts window by clicking the X in the upper left corner. 

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