Website Analytics

The website analytics section will show you how many website visitors you have as well as some other analytics such as how the visitor found your website, what type of device visitors are using, and how long they stay on your website.

  1. Log in to Portal.
  2. On on the left-hand side bar you will find Website Analytics with a submenu for Audience and Acquisition.
  3. In the Audience section you will find information regarding the overview of your site and and over of mobile views.
  4. In the overview you can sort the information about your website views by the day, week, and even month.
  5. Under Visited Pages area you will find which pages are drawing the most attention.
  6. In the Mobile tab you can also sort the visits to your site.
  7. In the Device Breakdown section you will find detailed information regarding the devices your customers are using and more useful information.
  8. In the Acquistiion submenu of Website Analytics You will find a breakdown of your referrals, organic, and other leads.
  9. In the Referrals tab you will find where are your customers coming from and more detailed information.
  10. In the Search Engines tab you will find the engines your customers are using to find your website.


The audience part of the website analytics application will show you how many visitors you have received for each webpage and as a whole.


The overview section will show you a general overview of your website visitors by day, week, or month as well as the number of visits per page.

audience overview


The mobile section will display your website’s mobile visits by day, week, and month. You can also see a breakdown of the type of devices that patients are using to access your website.

audience mobile

If you see other listen in the device breakdown, we were unable to determine the type of device used.


The acquisition section of the website analytics application will show you how your website visitors found your website.


The overview section will show you the various acquisition channels that visitors used to access your website.

The potential acquisition channels are:

  • Campaigns: Generated through ad traffic to your website
  • Websites: The website visitor clicked on a link to your website from another website.
  • Direct Entry: The website visitor went directly to your website by either typing it in or clicking on a bookmark.
  • Search Engines: The website visitor found your website through a search engine.


The referrals section will show you a breakdown of the various websites who referred their visitor to your website. If you see a search engine listed, the visitor most likely clicked on a business listing that came up when they searched for your business.

Search Engines

The search engines section will show you a breakdown of the website visitors who entered your website from search engine results.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of website visitors who view only 1 page of the website and exit. This does not mean they didn’t find something and only tells you the definition. It should not be used to infer whether someone found what they were looking for.

Visitors: Number of views for your website.

Unique Visitors: Number of unique IP addresses that visited your website. (more accurate than visitors)

Actions: The number of clicks of links/buttons on your website.

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