Reputation Tracking

How to access the Reputation Tracker Tool

  1. Once you are logged into your Officite portal on your navigation sidebar you should see a section called ‘Reputation Management
  2. To access your reputation tracker tool click onto ‘Reputation Tracker
  3. You should see your business name listed under ‘Manage Accounts’ to launch the tool
    1. To view your settings or connect your listings click onto the ‘gear'settingsicon in the top right, here you can enter your business listing urls and set your email for notifications. 



    2. Click onto ‘Manage Reputation’ to launch your dashboard


Connecting Your Listings

  1. Upon clicking the ‘gear'settingsicon in the top right you are able to update your settings and connect your review websites such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Yelp.
  2. In the ‘Review Websites’ section enter your link url for the corresponding review website:


  3. Once you have entered all of your links simply click ‘SAVE’ in the bottom right to save.
  4. In this section you can also enter your email address to receive alerts for when new reviews have posted as well as information on what reviews your neighboring competitors are receiving.    



Ways to increase your Marketing Score:

  • Provide excellent customer service and reply to reviews, which encourages customers to post more reviews
  • Ensure that your listings include complete, accurate and consistent information about your business
  • Encourage customers to “Check-In” and “Like” your business online
  • Use online offers to promote your business.

Review reply best practices:

When Replying To Reviews It Is Important To Remember The Following: 

• You are replying to not only the person who posted the review, but also other perspective and existing customers of yours who will read your reply. It is often best for your business to always be gracious. 

When Replying To Positive Reviews: 

• Some businesses forget to reply to positive reviews and only reply to negative reviews, which makes the negative reviews stand out. Be appreciative of your positive reviews and thank your would do this if you were there with them in person. 

• Include something the reviewer mentioned in their review, within your reply. 

• Use the reply to invite the reviewer back to your business, and encourage referrals to their friends & family. 

When Replying To Negative Reviews: 

• If you are upset about the review, it is probably best to wait to reply until you have had a chance to calm down. 

• Remain gracious. Replying defensively can become an online argument with the reviewer, which is visible to all of your customers, and prospective customers. 

• Provide an opportunity for the reviewer to contact you via email or phone to further discuss their concern.

Removing Reviews:

How do I get a review removed? The negative review is not from a customer?

What You Need To Know:

  • Unfortunately, it is not unusual for business owners to experience some level of malicious reviews. This is one of the reasons some sites use filtering algorithms to try and identify these reviews.
  • Businesses can also flag or report reviews for removal if a review violates the content guidelines of the site.
  • Flagging or reporting a review for removal is relatively easy. However, without proper understanding and citing of the appropriate guideline being violated, it will not be successful.
  • Business owners can become familiar with site content guidelines at the links below.

The following links provide site specific flagging information:

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