Reputation Tracking

Reputation Tracker

Your reputation is what you say about yourself and what others say about you. It pays to keep on top of what people are gossiping about online. A positive comment can be highlighted and shared with your customers, while a prompt response to a negative review can turn a critic into a fan. Use your Reputation Tracking tool to stay on top of it all.

Accessing the Tool

This section will only appear if you have a reputation tracking program.

1. Click on the Reputation Tracker Icon

reputation tracing selector

2. Click on Manage Reputation

manage reputation

3. A New Window Will Pop Up 



The overview section will show you, at a glance, your listing score, review sentiment, mentions, your top positive mentions, and you and your competition’s share of voice for keywords on search engines.

More information about each section can be accessed by pressing on the details button.

There is also a small information icon next to each section which will give you a brief explanation of each section.


Listings gathers all the locations on the web where your business listing can be found and shows where you're underexposed.

The Listing Score is an evaluation of how you’re performing in regards to establishing accurate Primary Listings and Other Citations. Each site has been assigned a score based on its popularity (i.e. Popular sites like Google Maps will have a greater influence on your Listing Score)

Your listings will be changed for you and your listing score will go up over time as long as you have your initial setup call with our reputation tracking department, update our team on any business changes that may affect your listings, and provide any information our team may need to manage your various business listings.

Primary Listings

This section will display your primary listings. You can click the show details button next to each listing to see the details.

Other Citations

This section will display other mentions of your business on other websites that are not considered major listings. You can click on the name of each citation to view them.


The statistics section will show you historical progress for all of your business citations.


The settings section will allow you to choose which listing sources are applicable to your business.



The reviews section will show you all of the reviews for your practice across various review sites all in one place.

Manage Reviews

If you have not already done so in your setup call, you can connect your Google and Facebook accounts to this tool to respond to reviews through your reputation tracking tool directly.

If you need help connecting your accounts, please contact our reputation tracking team.

To respond to a review if your account is connected, just click on the respond button.


The trending keywords section lets you know which words have become popular in your recent reviews, and provides a graph to track the change in popularity of those keywords.

Word Cloud

The word cloud displays words that are commonly used in your reviews. More frequently used words appear larger. When you change your filter settings (source, star-rating or date range), the word cloud will refresh, and show you the popular words for that selection of reviews. If you want to see the reviews that contain any of the cloud words, simply click on the word and it will show you those reviews.


The statistics tab will show you statistics on where your reviews come from and your review performance vs industry average.



The settings tab will allow you to connect your Google My Business and Facebook account to the reputation tracking tool.


The mentions section will show you where your business is mentioned across the internet. It will also display the sentiment of your mentions from Negative to Positive.

Monitor Mentions

The monitor mentions tab will show you mentions across these categories:

  • Web
  • Blog
  • Images
  • News
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

To view more details on any mention, click on that mention. To view all of your mentions for a specific category, click on the view all text at the bottom of each category.

Search Mentions

Search mentions will allow you to search for specific mentions by keyword, tag, sentiment, and source.


The settings tab will allow you to add keywords to edit what is considered a mention of your business.

You can add various exact matches, phrases that must be included, phrases that must not be included, and domain names to exclude.

You can also constrain twitter mentions to a 25 mile radius.


Use these sections to monitor activity on your social profiles, publish interesting updates, compare your fans and followers against industry averages, and connect multiple social accounts.

Monitor Social Activity

Filter Activity

This section allows you to connect your various social media accounts to the tool and to filter the activity in the social activity section by account.

Social Activity

Here you will see the most recent activity on all your social profiles. When people like, retweet, or comment on your posts, you‘ll see it here.


Here you can see your Facebook page likes, and Twitter Follower stats over time and compare it to your industry’s average.

Set Up Social Accounts

This section allows you to setup your social media accounts to allow this tool to pull data from your various profiles.


Use this section to see how your business compares to its competitors online in search results and on social media

This section will show you the share of voice that you have compared to your competitors in online searches for 3 keywords or services that you choose.

You can also see how your social audience compares to your competitors.

Services and competitors

The edit services and competitors section allows you to add up to 3 competitors, and their social media accounts. You can also customize which services or keywords are used to compare your business to your competitors’.


An archive of your weekly reputation reports, going back to when your account was created. Select Edit Report Settings to adjust your email frequency or add additional emails. You can also select which type of Alerts you’d like to receive (i.e. maybe you only want to get Alerts for new Reviews and Very Negative Mentions).

You can click on each report to download it.

Contact Support

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For Medical Clients:

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In any support request, please include:

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