Website Basics and Definitions

How websites are built

The basic Layout of our homepages can be seen below. If you would like to add anything outside of what you see on the homepage other than adding pictures or content, please let us know and we can work with you to create new sections. Each section of your website is a self contained editing module and is edited individually as opposed to all of the code and content being in one container.




The Header is the content that appears “above the fold” of your website. This term comes from the front page of a newspaper and refers to how you only see what is above the fold before picking up the newspaper, or in this case, scrolling down. This is the first impression that a potential patient will have of your business. Some parts of the header display on each page of your website while others only display on your home page.

The Accessibility Switch

The accessibility switch will convert your website to one that can be read by a screen reading program used by those who are blind, color blind, or who may have some sort of visual impairment or other disability. This is required to be on medical websites and cannot be removed. It appears on every page.

Main Navigation Module

This is the main way that a patient will navigate your website. This section will appear on every page and should include links to the most important and relevant information someone may want to see when visiting your website. The main navigation will appear on all pages of your website.

Phone Number Module

Your Phone number should appear in the top right-hand corner of each page. If you have multiple locations, we can replace this with a contact us button or similar call to action that can take your website visitor to a page listing the contact information for each office.

Social Media Links

Depending on the design, social media links will either be in the header, footer, or both. We can always customize this and add them in other areas upon request.

Logo Module

This area displays your practice name and/or logo.

Banner Photos (Slider) Module

The Slider will either display Rotating Banner Images, a Single static banner image, or a Video depending on the template you have selected.

Call to Action

This section will display Static Text such as “Care for Your Smile” or “Call us Today” depending on the template you have chosen, you may also have a call to action button included in this section that says “Appointment Request” which would take a patient to a page where they can request an appointment with your office. The text and call to action button can all be customized.

Featured Services Module

The Featured Services Module can be used to highlight popular, new, or high profitability services offered by your office. Depending on the design you chose, you may also see these featured services listed in a sidebar on your internal pages.

Main Body Text

This section is unique to each page and does not appear on other pages of your website.

Page Title/Welcome message

The page title/welcome message is a heading on your home page. On internal pages, this page title area will display the title of the page you are on.

Main Text Module

This module will be different for each page and allows you to add text and

Other Sections/modules

Some designs may also have a testimonials section or another area type of module depending on what comes with the design you selected. We can always add more sections to add other information to your design. Feel free to call or submit a support ticket to ask for a module to be added.


The footer of your website will display on all pages.

Form Module

Most of our designs feature a form of some sort in the footer. We can change this to an appointment request form, customize the form fields, or add other information here if you would like.

Map Module

You may also have a map showing your location in the footer depending on the design.

Office Hours Module

You may also have a module to display your office hours in the footer depending on the design.

Footer Links

All of our designs feature the preset footer links as shown below.

Layout of a Normal web page

A normal webpage utilizes headings and paragraphs to allow the reader and search engines to better understand what your page is about.

There are 6 Headings (Heading 1 - Heading 6)

Here is an example of a page layout for Dental Implants:

Heading 1 - Dental Implants in Downers Grove Il

Heading 2 - What are dental implants

Paragraph introducing dental implants

Heading 2 Reasons to get dental implants

Heading 3 - Conserve your jawbone

Paragraph - explanation

Heading 3 - Implant supported dentures

Paragraph - explanation

In general, it is best practice to have one heading 1 per web page. Heading 2s are used as subcategories within the main topic of your heading 1. Heading 3s are used for subcategories in your heading 2s.

If you feel that you need to have more than one heading 1 as you are addressing more than 1 topic on your page, it may be wise to consider creating a new page about that topic. You can even create a link on your first page to link to more information about a topic. For example, instead of listing all information about Implant supported dentures on your dental implants page, you could link your Implant supported dentures Heading 3 to a new page with more information about implant supported dentures.

Self Help

While you are in the editor and portal, you will see this self help tab on the right-hand side of the page. Feel free to use this tool if you need help making edits to your website. This tool will guide you through how to make some basic edits on your website.self help

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